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Summer School

Sottosuolo sole Acqua alberi Vento
Walking in the landscapes of energy production

V edition of the Summer School of Laboratorio del Cammino

Training 1-2 July @ Piacenza
Walking 29 August > 8 September @Basilicata
Study-day 14 October @ Cesena

APPLY BY JUNE 1st 2022

So.A.Ve. is the fifth edition of the itinerant Summer School of Laboratorio del Cammino (LdC), an inter-university network of researchers that develops innovative teaching projects aimed at exploring the methodological contribution of walking in urban planning and design.

The objective of the Summer School is to understand the extent to which the "oblique gaze", walking, seeing, listening and slowly entering places, are essential ways for reading and investigating the landscapes, especially those related to the energy production chain in different contextual conditions (protected areas, agricultural land, urban and rural settlements). Guided by researchers, instructors, local actors and artists who work in close contact with the territory and its transformations, students will be oriented to research and describe the metamorphosis of energy production landscapes and recognize the economic and social challenges posed by ecological transition.

The Summer School will take place from August 29 to September 8, 2022 and consists of a walk that will cross the territory of Basilicata between the Vulture and Pollino mountains, starting from Melfi and arriving in Latronico, passing through the Agri valley. Participants will be asked to investigate with their senses and experience the changes taking place in the landscapes crossed, and elaborate spatial narratives and design trajectories useful for communities to face the challenges of the ecological transition, between energy production and landscape production.


Why So.A.Ve.?

The acronym identifies the proposed theme, the relationship between energy and landscape, understood through the primary resources from which the energy is produced and which characterize the forms of use and the transformations of the landscapes which they belong to.

Subsoil, sun, water, trees, wind are therefore the resources, but also the main values ​​of the experience proposed for 2022.

"Soave" is the dimension of the walk as it becomes an instrument of knowledge. Soavius, together with Lentius and Profundis, is one of the three dimensions traced by Alexander Langer in his famous speech given in Assisi in 1994 to reverse the gaze on the world and face the challenges posed by change.

The theme of the Summer School is grafted onto these three preliminary reflections and Basilicata offers a fertile ground of investigation and exploration of the landscape dynamics starting from the transformations related to energy production.

The proposed activity is conceived as a moment of collective sharing and production of forms of territorial representation based on the landscape action which produces meditative and reflective walking.

Starting from the ancient volcano of Vulture, we will reach the slopes of the Pollino massif crossing the Val d’Agri. It is a real journey into the Lucanian energy landscapes, from the more recent ones, characterized by the forest of wind turbines competing for the skyline with the Apennine mountains, to the forests that feed the Mercure biomass power plant. During the Summer School we will cross the largest oil fields in Europe. We will tell a story that is 100 years old - that of oil in Basilicata - and we will study its effects on the territory and its local communities. But our walk will also lead us to learn about other stories, perhaps less known, which can indicate a possible alternative to the still dominant extractivist model. We will get to know the energy community of Sasso di Castalda (PZ) and visit some energy plants from renewable sources, we will discover some unexpressed energy potential of this marginal territory, yet, rich in history and knowledge. If re-activated, this richness constitute a huge heritage for addressing the challenges of the European Commission's Clean Energy Package.

The Summer School will focus on the theme of the energy transition, strongly connected to many of the problems of the Lucanian landscape, and on the support to local communities for activating good practices of production and management of energy sources.


So.A.Ve will inaugurate a first section of the Basilicata Walk, a project promoted and financed by the Environment, Territory and Energy Committee of the Basilicata Region and coordinated by the University of Basilicata. In particular, the activities of the fifth edition of the Summer School will be integrated into the FRUILENT project coordinated by the Department of European and Mediterranean Cultures (DiCEM) of the University of Basilicata and through which the Basilicata Region aims to identify a soft mobility network of Lucanian landscapes.

Also, the experience is developed in synergy with the process of drafting the Landscape Plan of Basilicata region and the Study Laboratory set up by DiCEM for the identification of Lucanian landscapes on the basis of environmental, historical-anthropological and cultural values, aimed at the elaboration of the Landscape Atlas.


Two days of training are scheduled before the start of the walk. The training will give participants the knowledge and tools needed to carry out the Summer School activities. Participation to the two training days is mandatory. These will be held on July Friday 1 and Saturday 2, 2022 in Piacenza at the Campus of Politecnico di Milano. There will be a seminar on some methodological aspects related to doing urban planning and design by walking, a lecture on the territory crossed and on the related planning policies, and an initial discussion with the participants for instructing the objectives and methods of their work. 

The Summer School will take place from August 29 to September 8, 2022 and will consist of a walk from Melfi (PZ) to Latronico (PZ)The proposed itinerary will take place in compliance with the health regulations in force at that moment.

On October 14, 2022, a final Study Day is scheduled in Cesena at the Architecture Campus of the University of Bologna to present the results of the Summer School and evaluate the outcomes achieved. Participation to the Study Day is mandatory for obtaining the academic credits (CFUs). The results of the experiential and planning surveys will be published on the website of Laboratorio del Cammino.


The Call for participants of the Summer School is open from May 2 to June 1, 2022. It is addressed to students from the undergraduate and master degree courses in: Territorial, urban and landscape-environmental planning; Urban planning; Architecture; Geography and territorial sciences; Urban Design & Landscape Architecture; Building engineering and related courses, from the partner universities of the Summer School: Politecnico di Torino, Politecnico di Milano, University of Camerino, University of Cagliari, University of Palermo, University of Basilicata, LAUD / Bilkent University, University of Chieti-Pescara, University of Bologna.

Students from other universities can also apply. However, their acceptance will be subject to restricted availability. The maximum number of students admitted will be 30.

To apply, students should send by June 1, 2022 via email to an academic curriculum vitae, a motivation letter and a portfolio with a selection of projects.

Acceptance of the application will be communicated by the LdC organizers by Monday June 13, 2022.

During and after the walk, the students, arranged in groups, will be required to prepare an A5 book and a diary-map which will include the outcomes of the activities and surveys carried out during the Summer School.

At the end of the Summer School and if the work will be graded positively by the LdC Scientific Committee during the final Study Day planned for October 14, 2022 in Cesena, students from partner universities of the LdC will receive between 3 and 5 CFU (depending on the study-plan of the belonging university).

Each group of students will be supervised by two tutors who will offer support to the development of their work.


Participation to the Summer School is subject to payment, to be made directly on site, of the cost of meals, accommodations, travel by bus / train and the rental of a van with a driver for the transport of luggage. A preliminary estimate of the costs is around 175 euros each. The trip to Melfi and from Latronico is the responsibility of each participant. During the journey, the group will stay in hostels or in public facilities granted by the municipalities. Participants will be required a spirit of adaptation and a sense of sharing, while respecting individual values. Most meals will be prepared by the group itself on the basis of a common fund collected at the beginning of the Summer School directly by the organizers.


For information, please send a mail to


Serena Marchionni e Luca Lazzarini (LdC coordinators), Saverio Massaro, Silvia Parentini, Miriam Romano, Angela Cicirelli, Laura Pavia (Università della Basilicata). 



Anna Maria Colavitti e Sergio Serra (Università di Cagliari); Cristiana Rossignolo e Ilaria Tonti (Politecnico di Torino); Marco Mareggi, Chiara Merlini, Andrea Rolando e Luca Lazzarini (Politecnico di Milano); Flavio Stimilli e Massimo Sargolini (Università di Camerino); Filippo Schilleci e Annalisa Giampino (Università di Palermo); Antonio Bocca (Università di Chieti-Pescara); Maria Valeria Mininni, Ina Macaione, Chiara Rizzi (Università della Basilicata); Stefania Rössl e Elena Mucelli (Università degli Studi di Bologna), Hatice Karaca (Bilkent University); Serena Marchionni e Daniele Cinciripini (Ikonemi); Daniela Allocca (EPP/Progetto Fiori); Marcella Turchetti (Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti); Maria Teresa Silvestrini (Liceo A. Einstein), Massimo Sordi (OMNE Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est).

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