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Photo-credit: Daniele Cinciripini, Chiasmo, 2020.

“Walking with Water” is a cycle of experiential walks promoted by the Laboratorio del Cammino within the program of Satellite Events of the Festival of the New European Bauhaus 2024

“Walking with Water” consists of nine walks taking place from April 13 to May 3, 2024 in different cities and towns in Italy (Turin, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Cesena, Castelfranco Veneto, San Benedetto del Tronto, Senise-Montecotugno and Genzano di Lucania). Each walk aims to guide participants to reflect upon the contested nature of water in diverse rural, urban, and periurban landscapes and experience different typologies of landscapes connected to water, examining how it can be interpreted as a resource for both human and non-human subjects, and can nourish the habitats and ecosystems that these subjects inhabit.


“Walking with Water” re-establishes a physical and emotional connection with the waterscapes. The focus is on using the walking practice and its multisensory potential for re-discovering the waterscapes, unfolding aesthetically pleasant feelings or emotions, and shaping patterns of human-nature relationships. 

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Along the river Mugnone in feast

A collective walk from the source of the Mugnone river (near Fiesole) to its outlet in the Arno to cross rural, periurban and urban landscapes and to meet different activities.

02_Genzano_Foto di Luca Favia.JPG

Walking on a dam under transformation

The dam in Genzano di Lucania came into operation in 2006. It is still an "experimental exercise" in which the natural ecosystem is still in the process of settling and definition.


Walking through Lungo Dora

A walk to explore the complex dynamics of "micro" and "macro" transformations that affect the area along the Dora River between the neighbourhoods of Aurora and Vanchiglia, as well as the relationship between these changes and the river environment.

NEB_WWW Castelfranco V.jpeg

The territory of Giorgione: between land and water

The territory of Castelfranco Veneto identifies a liminal strip located between two natural systems: the humid lands of the resurgences and the dry cultivable lands.

Gaia Del Giudice Napoli Est.JPG

L’eau et le rêve: Volla's possible futures

A walk to observe the different forms of coexistence in the area of Volla. Researchers, artists, citizens and activists will form a small temporary community for exploring water landscapes and imagining possible futures.


Seeking a reconnection between the Oreto River and Palermo

Represented by Lojacono, recounted by Goethe, today Palermo seeks an almost lost cultural ecosystemic connection, whose key element is the Oreto river.


In-Between Spaces: the port and the city

A collective walk in between the city and the harbour of San Benedetto del Tronto to explore the palimpsest of forms, practices, and uses of these places and guide people to reflect upon this waterscape.

NEB_WWW Cesena.jpg

Meditation with
the River

Water has the power to act as a guide in the systematic renewal of cultural and ecological equilibrium. Walking along the Savio River, the group will meditate on its consistency and agentivity while exploring different ways to interact with it.

01_Senise_Foto di Pierpaolo Cicconi.JPG

The community of a revolutionary dam

The Montecotugno dam is the largest earthen dam in Europe. The lake was built in one of the most fertile areas of the region. Today the integrity of the ecosystem is threatened by the sudden effects of climate change.

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