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L’eau et le rêve. Volla's possible futures

Suturday April 20 2024 | h 10.30

Volla (NA). Meeting point: Salice Train Station at 10:30

The title of the walk quotes Gaston Bachelard's. The relationship between water and dreams in this case relates to the relationship between research, design and dreams. How do the dreams of the community and the dreams of the planner intersect? How can the theories of Haraway, Neimanis help us to restore these places?

The aim is to walk in order to observe the different forms of coexistence and explore the potential present in the area of Volla. Walking together researchers, artists, citizens, activists will form a small temporary community dedicated to exploring water landscapes in order to imagine possible futures or to discuss dreams already present to be connected.

Walk leaders: 

Daniela Allocca, Progetto Fiori

Antonio Marano, Progetto Fiori

Alexander Valetino, CoolCity-Lan 


The event is promoted by:

Progetto Fiori

LAN Laboratorio Architettura Nomade - CoolCity


DiARC/Università di Napoli 'Federico II' 

SRT Sviluppo Sostenibile e Reti Territoriali

Casa del popolo-bell hooks

To discover more about the event:

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